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Course pricing

All courses have an individual pricing depending on number of practice sessions and length of the classes.
Please look at the individual courses for pricing.

Can I join as drop-in?

The teaching is at first hand organized as whole courses where the classes are building on each other. The courses are often fully booked or closed to fully booked. Should there be any drop-in spots available you are free to join if you already have experience in ashtanga yoga. If you have not practiced ashtanga yoga before, you need to start from a beginners course, or a led class program (group I or group II).

We do not take any drop-in reservations, but you are very welcome to join a drop-in class – usually we can squeeze in a spot for you even if the course should be fully booked, but this is no guarantee.

Drop-in pricing

Mysore class drop-in: 22€
Led group I (75min): 20€
Led group II (90min): 22€