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Ashtanga yoga in Espoo

By teaching accessible led class ashtanga yoga, Alex is welcoming everyone to his classes. Just as you’re probably not too dirty to take a shower, nobody is too stiff to initiate a yoga practice.

Beginner-friendly led classes and Mysore style classes available.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Alex teaches yoga in a way that makes the practice possible for all students. In a led class setting, all students learns accessible and beneficial versions of all postures. This means that the practice will look slightly different for each student.

Some people might be able to sit into lotus postures or lift up to headstand, while others work on more hip-opening, knee strengthening and shoulder mobility exercises.


What is Ashtanga Yoga?

In ashtanga yoga you will learn to practice a set sequence of traditional yoga postures concentrated in a meditative flow to the rhythm of your own breath.

This is a strong yoga practice, and equally developing softness and a more supple body.

Each posture is always adapted to the abilities of the student. No forcing, no pushing, and you will get hands on feedback and corrections for postures (physical contact not mandatory).