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Weekly schedule

No classes on Vappu Tuesday 30.4.2024

Tuesdays 19.40 – 20.50

Ashtanga Led Class Group I
70 min – ALL LEVELS

Drop-in spots available: YES

Sundays 18.30 – 20.00

Ashtanga Led Class Group II
90 min – ALL LEVELS

Drop-in spots available: YES

When you join as drop-in, just show up to class and we will probably find a spot for you to practice, even if the course should be fully booked. So far we have had enough space.

The Mysore class requires completion of a led class program or a beginners course.

Can I join the courses as drop-in?

The teaching is at first hand organized as whole courses where the classes are building on each other, and the courses are often fully booked or closed to fully booked. Should there be any drop-in spots available you are free to join if you already have experience in ashtanga yoga. If you have not practiced ashtanga yoga before, you need to start from a beginners course, or a led class program (group I or group II).

We do not take any drop-in reservations – usually we can squeeze in a spot for you even if the course should be fully booked, but this is no guarantee.

If you reeally want to make sure there is space for you, you can sign up for what is left of a whole course. Just leave a message and you’ll be hooked up if there are free spots.

If you already know that you will be away for some session at the time of registering for a whole course, please mention this in the registration, and you will get those sessions discounted from the price.

Drop-in pricing per session

Mysore class: 22€
Led group I: 20€
Led group II: 22€

Benefit of whole course

When you register for a whole course, you get the benefit of committing yourself to the practice and showing up for class even on a seemingly bad day.

Showing up is the single most important thing on your spiritual journey.

The price per session is cheaper when you join a full course.

Join a whole course to reserve a spot in the yoga shala!


18.00 – 19.35 (Mysore)

19.40 – 20.55 (Led Group I)


18.30 – 20.00 (Led Group II)