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The Primary Series in Detail

4x Sundays 18.8. – 8.9.2024 at 18.00 – 20.00 (120 min)

Risk-free: All four 120-minute sessions will be video recorded for you to watch in case you miss a session.

18th of August – 8th of September

18.00 – 20.00 (120 min)

Teaching in English

Espoo, Soukka / Sökö

Availability: 5 spots left (updated 24.6)

Take your practice to the next level

The Primary Series in Detail is all about learning the proper technique for the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, thus making the practice more meditative and enjoyable for you, while bringing more strength and vibrant health as a result from your practice.

The classes are slow paced where we take our time so that you can receive proper help and guidance in the practice.

  • Study each pose of the Primary Series in more detail
  • Get help in your practice with alignment and asana directions
  • Get help in avoiding pain and building more resilience and strength
  • Tips for back pain and knee pain
  • Increase your understanding of the Ashtanga Method
  • Gain more confidence in your yoga practice and your own abilities
  • Familiarise yourself with the traditional vinyasa count for the Primary Series
  • Make your practice more meditative and enjoyable

Recommended reading for the course

  • Yoga Mala – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
  • Ashtanga Yoga: The Yoga Tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: The Primary Series Practice Manual – Petri Räisänen

The literature is recommended if you want to dive even deeper into the Ashtanga Method of yoga practice, but not mandatory to read the books.

Meet your teacher

Alex is a Swedish-speaking Finn who started to practice yoga at home in 2013, and has been practicing and teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga since 2014 (Seasonal Yoga). During the summer of 2015 Alex fell in love with the depth of the ashtanga yoga practice in 2015 with his teachers Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen from Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu in their summer camp in Houtskari.

Since then Alex has been teaching over 4000 hours of yoga classes with a wide range of people, while managing Yogashala Raseborg, and has actively been practicing with different world renowned teachers on different workshop, such as Eddie Stern, Kino McGregor, Simon Borg-Olivier, and online courses with David Garrigues.

“To me it’s important that the practices are taught in a safe, healthy and effective way for each student. As a yoga teacher it is important to understand that all people are different, and to embrace, or celebrate, the movement patterns of each individual.

In my teaching style you will learn to turn your senses inward (pratyāhāra), you will improve your focus and learn to practice to the rhythm of your own breath. The meditation and concentration makes the practice meaningful, and is a gateway to your inner dimensions. A yoga practice should be a practice in concentration and meditation. In ashtanga and hatha yoga we use our body to practice and achieve this.

We start simple, and the more you practice, the more you will learn at your own ideal pace while your body becomes stronger and softer, and your mind becomes more focused.”

Program tuition includes

  • 8 hours of in-person teaching asana details, alignment and modifications in a workshop asana clinic style
  • Homework after each session: standing sequence, first seated, second seated, finishing
  • Course material: The practice philosophy of the Ashtanga Method (short pdf/paper), and empty notebook included for taking notes during our sessions (bring your own pen)
  • Personal adjustments for the practice
  • Standing, seated and finishing sequence
  • Using blocks, straps, towels and straps. When and why?

Location and time


  • Sundays 18.00 – 20.00
  • We practice in Soukan nuorisotila
  • Address: Soukantie 13 B, 02360 Espoo (Entry from the back side of the BRALEVA building in the NUORI ESPOO door)
  • Teaching in English

What to bring?

Bring your own yoga mat and soft clothes in which you can move freely. We usually don’t drink during practice, but it can be good to bring a bottle of water.

Please avoid using perfumes in class, and practice in a clean practice outfit.




Pre-registration is required. Full payment is required to reserve your spot in the course. There will be a 90€ administration fee on refunds for cancellations made before July 12, 2024. There are no refunds or credits granted for cancellations made on or after July 12, 2024.


After signing up for this ashtanga yoga course in Espoo you will get an invoice to your email address with 7 days payment time. The invoice is sent manually 0-1 days after you sign up, and you will get a notification by SMS to your phone when the invoice has been sent.

Your spot is secured only after successful payment of the course. There are a limited number of spots in this course, as we will be looking into more details and personalisation of the practice.

For the early-bird offer to be valid, the invoice needs to be paid on time. In other cases you will need to register again, at the current pricing.

You can pay the course with electronic sports notes (ePassi, Edenred, SMARTUM), with your normal internet banking, or a combination of both.

Registration form

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Too stiff for yoga? Pro-tip: yoga is made for stiff people.